Risk solutions for you and your family

We believe your personal insurance should fit your life like a glove. That’s why with one call to us you can take care of everything.

A more personal approach

No matter how good technology gets, relationships count for more. That’s why most of our business is done face to face or over the phone. Because getting to know you means we can pull together an insurance plan that matches your life.



We’ve been helping people properly insure their homes for over 40 years. We’ve learned that when people go the self-serve route, they tend to opt for too little coverage. We’ll help you find the right level. We can also help to reduce premiums without compromising cover.

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Driving Value is what we at Varney are all about. Whether a classic auto or the Typical American Family Car, Truck, SUV or Sports model, we have all the right ‘Avenues’ to navigate for you. Let our team find exactly the right make and model of policy geared for adding real value for your ride.

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Insuring single vehicles is easy enough for most people. The Varney advantage comes not just from making sure you have enough liability cover, but from helping you efficiently insure all your vehicles, including recreational and all-terrain vehicles, boats and seasonal homes.

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Many life insurance agents are order takers, we make sure we analyze your financial goals and deliver an appropriate amount of coverage.


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Claims management is where insurance agents prove their worth. We don’t have entry level claims processors, we have former insurance company claims executive experience to help manage claims in your best interest.


To find out more about the various insurance and risk solutions we have to help you protect what’s important to you, contact us today