Risk solutions
for the entrepreneur

Turn your risks into a competitive advantage with our range of specialized products, creative insurance programs and business risk reduction solutions.

Protect what you’ve built

As fellow entrepreneurs we know what it takes to create a successful business, and the risks you face as you go after your goals. We’ll help you to manage them more effectively so you get there faster.



Imagine if you could take a share of the profits that insurance companies make on your commercial insurance premiums.  You invest a lot of money in keeping your losses at a minimum and your employees safe, stop subsidizing the companies that don’t. Now, for the first time, you can invest in your property and casualty insurance.


Real estate

Nothing can be more dynamic than a large portfolio of buildings.  Make sure your coverage perfectly dovetails with the rest of your risk management strategies. We get creative, acting on your behalf to negotiate with the insurance underwriters so that your risks are viewed more positively to ensure you get the best possible terms.



We go further for our developer and contractor clients. Beyond placing their liability and equipment risks we review their contracts and negotiations as part of the service. No matter where you are in the line of interested parties, from Developer to lowest tier party, make sure you are aware and managing the multitude of risk factors you face.



Coming from Maine, a state that is 90% forested, we know this industry.  Our dedication to forestry spans from interests in sawmills to a business dedicated to the best technology in automatic fire suppression to exclusive state-of-the-art products for logging contractors. Whether you are looking simply for competitive options or one of a kind products, we’ve got you covered.



Your business is likely your biggest asset. You need a broker that can build coverage specifically to address the unique risks you face and constantly maintain a risk management program. Our agents are trained to help you do just that.



Claims management is where insurance agents prove their worth. We don’t have entry level claims processors, we have former insurance company claims executive experience to help manage claims in your best interest.



The Varney Agency brings a unique surety underwriting expertise to the table. That expertise coupled with a deep understanding of the construction industry equates to an uncanny ability to solve problems. Not just problems that may arise with a surety underwriter but identifying issues that may arise before they become a problem.


employee benefits

Having great people is critical to the success of any business. Make sure that one of your largest costs as an employer is a competitive advantage, not simply a cost. That’s why we see it as a business risk, and why we tailor programs that will help you attract and retain your high value people.



Private Equity and Venture Capital

Transaction Risk Solutions

An insurance policy that protects buyer against unanticipated/unknown breaches of seller’s representations and warranties and resulting losses.

Tax liability policies available for various transactional and tax situations


To find out more about the various insurance and risk solutions we have to help you protect what’s important to you, contact us today