Every policy is as unique as every one of your buildings

Real estate owners and developers in New York – your projects are complex, but are your agents willing to fight for the specialized solutions you deserve?

At Varney, we’ve built our business around being every client’s champion. We get to know you and every detail of your portfolio, and then muscle in on the insurance process to get you the right deal.

We make real estate insurance smarter

There are several ways we go the extra mile where others won’t. We:

We talk lenders down from high insurance limits
Some lenders simply use boiler plate requirements. We’ll negotiate as hard as you want for terms to make sure they’re in line with your project’s unique characteristics.

We expose project risk that others can’t see
We’ll look at your contract alongside your contractors to make sure you are only taking on unavoidable risk. And we’ll also design a program that covers you in case underlying coverage turns out to be inadequate or insolvent.

We pre-underwrite wordings to get you the best terms
Instead of reacting to an insurer’s standard terms, our detailed analysis means we enter the market with a strategy and can tell their underwriters what wordings to use before the policy gets drawn up.

We advise on risk transfer alternatives
We can provide alternatives that allow you to take on some of the risk yourself, and even get back some of the money on your premiums if you don’t make a claim.

We assign a senior risk manager to advocate on claims
We don’t just have someone who follows up on claims and forwards emails, we’ll assign a senior claims specialist to step in and go to bat for you.

We provide a direct and constant relationship
There’s no faceless piece of software or impersonal service with us. We know you and your business inside out and we’re right by your side when you need us.

We work with the market to bring you smarter products

Because we’re always looking for ways to give you an advantage,
we’re regularly first to market with new products. Like with our Rent
Destabilization Protection – helping real estate buyers and sellers in
New York insure against the risk of overcharge claims.

Mike Varney

Mike Varney

Executive Vice President

Mike is the third generation of Varney’s to lead the business. He has an energetic focus on the customer and finding better ways to serve them. His drive to add value is never-ending as he continues to invest in finding the right people and products to help support entrepreneurs.



Patrick Yannotta

Patrick Yannotta

SVP – Real Estate

Pat has a decade of New York commercial real estate and development site sales experience. He has a unique perspective having closed 72 commercial real estate transactions with an aggregate value of over $3.3 bn during his career. His understanding of the challenges and priorities of investors and developers in today’s world positions him well to deliver insurance solutions that are tailored and fully comprehensive.



Jack Cowie IV

Jack Cowie IV

SVP – Real Estate

With over 10 years of experience, Jack has developed an in-depth understanding of the risks associated with real estate development and ownership.  He’s known to challenge underwriters and negotiate with lenders to get the best deal for his clients.  Above all he is trusted – in just the last two years, Jack has placed over $2 bn in coverage for our commercial real estate clients.



Steven Coward

Steven Coward

Managing Director – Surety

Steven has over four decades’ experience working in the surety market for some of the leading businesses out there. He’s a highly creative and knowledgeable surety professional, with a proven track record.


Craig Bassingthwaite

Craig Bassingthwaite

Risk Control & Claims Manager

Craig coordinates and oversees all claims and loss activities at Varney. With over 2 decades in the industry, he has a deep understanding of the claims process, and, when an event happens, is an expert at guiding clients through every step.



To find out more about the various insurance and risk solutions we have to help you protect what’s important to you, contact us today.