“And away we go!” say 65 million RV-loving Americans

Aug 18, 2022

A recent survey commissioned by the RV Industry Association has discovered that 36% of America’s leisure travelers plan on going RVing in the next 12 months. When you consider that 36% is representative of 65 million people, it’s easy to see why the RV Industry is now estimated to be worth $140billion to the nation’s economy.

One of the great appeals of RVs is that they can feel like a home away from home. But what three things did the survey reveal as the main motivation for taking to the road? Number One was an increased interest in exploring the great outdoors, followed by a strong desire to travel with family and the freedom an RV gives you to work or attend school remotely.

National parks, state parks, the beach, and private campgrounds are among the top destinations for RVers. A preference for travelling within a 6-hour drive from home has increased over the past 12 months. However, visiting locations that are more than 16 hours away from home is still the dream tour undertaken by more than 50% of RVers.

Other interesting statistics unearthed by the survey include:

  • 79% of RVers say that gas prices don’t affect their travel plans.
  • 78% of RVers plan on taking the same or greater number of weekend trips away compared with previous years.
  • 39% of Millennials think they’ll travel more by RV more than they have before.
  • 47% of Generation Zers (people born between 1997 and 2012) say they’d consider being schooled via online classes or working remotely from an RV.

So, if you’re lucky enough to own your own rig – or you’re thinking about renting one for the weekend – it’s always good to know that you’re statistically among friends.

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*Commissioned by the RV Industry Association and published in June 2022, the RV Travel Intentions survey of 1,224 respondents represented a statistically balanced cross section of U.S. leisure travelers.


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