How to hide your home security cameras

Sep 27, 2022

With around 2.5 million burglaries happening each year, according to statistics released by the United States Department of Justice, it’s easy to see why cameras have become an essential part of home security systems.

Of course, the images need to be usable to identify facial details or plate numbers, so security cameras with higher resolution (1080p and above), night vision, audio, Wi-Fi and app support are well worth looking into.

Then, whether you’re protecting your vacation home or principal residence, you’ve got more chance of capturing potential intruders if the cameras are disguised or hidden from view.

Here are six top tips on taking your video surveillance strategy to the next level:

“Watch the birdie!”. A birdhouse facing your front door is a great way to conceal a camera. Just remember to keep it clear of leaves and branches.

Install a doorbell cam. A would-be burglar might not notice it and it will record a clear, full-body shot to show the authorities if the worst happens. Then again, you might want to link the doorbell cam to your smartphone and scare them off with a real-time conversation that ends with you saying you’re going to call the police.

Get the camera height right. Between 8 and 9 feet off the ground is a good, safe height for most outdoor security cameras and is less likely to be damaged. Cameras placed at ground height will need to be cleverly disguised so that intruders aren’t tempted to tamper with them.

Take the high ground. Ceiling fans, smoke detectors and the tops of cabinets and bookshelves are also good places to capture an uninterrupted view of unsuspecting intruders.

“Smile. You’ve been framed”. Everyday items such as photo frames, clocks, fake hanging potted plants, tissue boxes and soft toys can be handy hiding places for security cams. Position them opposite the most common points of entry such as inside the front door, your living room and close to any valuables you think might catch a burglar’s attention.

Play your guards close to your chest. Naturally, if the home you’re securing is in Maine, your neighbors are sure to be the nicest of people. But perhaps install any new external security cameras on a weekday anyway, when prying eyes are less likely to be around, just to be extra safe.



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