Don’t get caught out. Get a homeowners’ insurance that pays out.

Oct 14, 2022

You know those possessions you couldn’t live without? Those expensive or sentimental items you care so much about. Those are the things you think of when you take out a homeowners insurance policy. You want to know if the worst happens, you’ve got a policy that can pay out on those things you hold so dear.

That’s why we always work closely with you to build a policy that’s tailored and properly covers you when you need to make a claim.

Match limits to your possessions’ real value

First, we make sure everything’s correctly valued – some assets might have grown in value since you last took out a policy. Especially in the current economic climate.

Inflation is pushing up the cost of replacing lost or damaged items, or even having them repaired. That’s why we work with you to match your limits against the real value of your belongings.

Protect things out of home

Often our most expensive possessions are the ones we carry around. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, jewelry, glasses, wallets, and watches all regularly leave the home when you do.

However, some policies only provide a limited amount of coverage for personal property while “off premise”. At a self-storage facility, for example, or perhaps in your grandparents’ attic.

We factor this all in when we’re building your policy, so that your belongings are covered when you’re out and about or if you take them with you on vacation.

Get extra protection for those extra special items

Most homeowners’ insurance policies have ‘special limits’ or ‘sub-limits’ for certain types of items. For example, it might say $1,500 for jewelry. But people sometimes aren’t aware of this, and when they go to make a claim following a burglary, the cost to replace them is thousands of dollars more.

We work with you to ‘schedule’ specific items of significant value, freeing up the overall homeowners’ policy to cover other personal property items instead. Scheduling and appraising an item protects those precious items at their given value.

Typical types of valuables we help you cover like this include jewelry, antiques, artwork, furs, firearms, collectibles, golf clubs, musical instruments, stamp collections, cameras and computer equipment.

Protect your business under your homeowners’ policy

With so many people working from home these days it’s also important to consider scheduling business-related property. A standard homeowner’s policy only provides a limited amount of coverage in this instance.

It’s not just the office equipment and technology that has moved into homes since the pandemic. More innovative ways of earning a living are growing a new working-from-home economy.

Many people are now able to sell their goods online to anyone in the world. What might have started as a side hustle requires stock materials, tools to make their products, and somewhere to store them before they’re dispatched out to customers.

That’s where having a Varney agent you can talk to comes in handy, instead of just choosing a policy online. We get to know all of these little details about your circumstances, and then factor it all into your policy. It means your new business, as well as all your most cherished possessions are properly protected for you.

Speak to a Varney agent about your home insurance policy

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