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Choose real people for your auto insurance and get extra results

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Our agents not only find you better deals, but they’re there for you whenever you need to make claim. That’s what we mean by the Varney Extras.

Our pledge to you

Extra personalized service

Speak to real people, who take the time to get to know you and your vehicles, so they can build a policy that’s just right.

Extra value for your money

Pay competitive premiums – we represent thousands of clients just like you, so insurers give us better rates than if you were to go direct.

Extra responsive people

Count on people who are just a phone call away, ready to talk through any issue and act fast when you need stuff done.

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We make things fast and stress-free

Get a quote in just minutes

No endless questions and boxes to tick. We just need a few details to get you underway and draw up that first quote.

Flexible policies built around you

Once you’re happy, we’ll get in touch and take it from there. And start building a policy that matches what you’re after.

Take the hassle out of claims

When you have to make a claim, you’ll have an experienced claims executive right by your side, working to get what’s right for you.

We’ve covered it all

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There isn’t a vehicle on the market we haven’t covered. From family SUVs right up to classic models, we’ll talk you through the different coverages available and settle on a plan you’re comfortable with.

Liability Coverages

If you’re at fault for an accident, liability insurances step in to pay for the damages to the other person’s car, their injuries and sometimes death.

Medical Coverages

Recoup your costs for any medical expenses related to an accident, which could include specific treatment or earnings you lose having been unable to work.

Collision Coverages

Protect your car for any damages it sustains after hitting, or being hit by, another car or object.

Comprehensive Coverages

Cover yourself for damages in relation to theft, vandalism, flood, fire or other similar losses.

Get the Varney Extras across
all your insurances

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Our customers let us take care of all their personal insurances because they know they’ll get the Varney Extras no matter what. And the more we handle for you, the smarter we can be with how we arrange your portfolio.


Get liability and damage cover for your RV, jet ski, yacht and more.


Ditch DIY homeowners insurance. Get insurance built around you.


Get a life insurance policy that’s built around your family, lifestyle and financial goals.


To find out more about the various insurance and risk solutions we have to help you protect what’s important to you, contact us today