Get the right auto insurance, not the cheapest

Nov 8, 2022
SHARE recently gave Maine car owners a big reason to smile about. After running the numbers, they found the average cost of auto insurance in Maine is $992 per year — that’s 32% less than the national average.

And it’s no surprise to the team at Varney, knowing what we know about the state. Comparatively speaking, Maine is a safe place to drive – only 4% of its motorists drive without insurance. While its ‘write-off’ record is one of the lowest in the country.

Couple that with a relatively low population and you get a state where auto insurance generally comes at a cheaper premium.

Put coverage before cost-saving

However, it’s not our style to chase the cheapest policy for you. Firstly, because cheaper can sometimes mean not fit for purpose – Maine has some of the highest requirements for liability coverages across the country, so picking the cheapest option online could leave you in legal hot water.

Secondly, every driver’s different and uses their car for different purposes, which is why we tailor our policies to match your specific needs. Varney’s been going since the 60s, and fighting for our client’s best interests has always been our prevailing philosophy.

We put finding you the right level of cover first – Maine’s relatively low auto insurance costs just mean you can get it without breaking the bank.

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