Get the Varney advantage

The insurance industry likes to treat people as if they were all the same because its easy and cheapest. But that does not give you the best solution. That’s why we use our insurance expertise to tailor it to you, so you can better manage your risks and your costs.

Three generations,
one belief.

Customer service has defined our business ever since Bill Varney put his name above his first office in 1960. Twenty years later when he and his son Tim set up the Varney insurance agency, that same approach guided their decisions.

Today Tim and Mike lead the way in continuing to find new ways to serve our business clients and private clients. To us, client service means more than just looking after our customers. It means looking out for them.

It’s a belief that’s built our business from a single location in Maine to now serving businesses and private individuals up and down the East Coast, from Canada to Puerto Rico.



To find out more about the various insurance and risk solutions we have to help you protect what’s important to you, contact us today.